Actuarial Science Subject insight

I think I can say a few things on the Actuarial subject matter. I will tell you how I went about studying for the papers.

Actuarial exams are different from conventional exams in the way that all the questions are compulsory and all chapters are important. You cannot afford to do selective study since all chapters are interdependent. Every subsequent chapter banks on previous chapters. Thus, there is no scope of half-hearted preparation. The key to passing these exams is to have thorough conceptual understanding of the entire text. Most of the questions are practical problems which simultaneously tests you on different areas and importantly how those concepts fit in together. In short, GET THE BIG PICTURE. Instead of looking each chapter as separate independent units, try to grasp how those different ideas come together to essentially convey the same thing. When I prepare for a paper, I treat the study material as a long story book and give it a general reading. However, I make sure that I understand each and everything that I read. I google a lot to clear my doubts. After the first reading comes the most important step when I try to relate each and every chapter, identify the key ideas and try to knit them together to identify their respective role and significance. Following that, I do a second reading which reinforces and strengthens my understanding and fills any gaps therein. Then comes the Question and Answer Bank which will be a cakewalk if you have followed the above methods honestly.

Exams should be the last thing on your mind when you are preparing for these papers.


Mr .Ayush Shah ,

Student member IAI


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