Pretty Exam Tonic

Pretty Exam Tonics to Clear the Actuarial Exams

  • Pre-Exam Tension

Students keeps studying till the last days before the commencement of exam. They don’t schedule time for revision. It is advised to keep the last two weeks before the commencement of exam only for revising concepts and doing old exam problems. Don’t try to struggle in learning any material at the last minute. Your brain will not accept it and may only muddle it up with other concepts learned.
If you have short time be thorough with what you have already covered; Don’t try and learn all of it in a hurry at the last minute as it not going to help you anyway.
Give rest to brain for one day before the exam starts – it deserves the rest if it has to function at it’s best on the battle starts.


  • During the Exam –

Take a few moments to screening the Exam paper once you get in your hand. While going through take out some important parts of the problems and make them highlight This gives you a good idea of what is contained in the exam, what is your comfort level with problems and which are the ones which could be dealt first. This will help you intelligently tackle the exam.
Part the total time available for the examination as follows:
Keep aside at least 10 minutes for final review and another 10 minutes for emergency reworking of problems. And Keep the fact in mind that the balance amount of time has to be divided among the total problems to be worked out.
Prepare yourself to managing time by practicing the exams papers. This will help you to incorporate and tracking the time in exams. You will be able to reach to maximum no of questions.

Keep tracking the time for each query you solves. Don’t panic for the question which could not be hit in one shot. Better to Move on to the other problems and come back to it later as time permits.
Try to tackle first the problems with the concepts which you know best. This will boost your confidence and gain marks.
There is a tip to solve big for a long numerical problem, take a few seconds to think about the reason-ability of the answer before proceeding to finalization of answer. This trick will surely help to track out the mistake and will save a much time. Start incorporating this method into your working while doing the practice problems; so that till exam time you will be able to use this tick in actual exam. You’ve tuned yourself into judging the reason-ability of answers as a natural reflex. This method achieved wonderful results to pass an exam consistently

If you stuck with the questions and its not fully known to you just write down the formulas and related diagram. It will get some credit in marks.

Actuarial Exams test your patience too. Don’t take tension! Stay calm! You are prone to make more and more mistakes in a state of anxiety. Students who control the anxiety and able to cool, confident, positive attitude in exam hall generally pass the exams.


  • Post-Exam Panic-

Please be realistic, The Actuarial exams are pretty difficult and accept the fact that they are. Keep a positive attitude towards actuarial exams that they are difficult to pass so brings out the actual talent. The qualified Actuary gets the Respect and is well known everywhere.

The Actuarial course a time commitment and be prepared to commit that amount of time, energy and grey cells to the cause. After clearing the exam, the sense of satisfaction, achievement is immense. Nothing comes for free in life and neither does the pass mark in an actuarial examination. You need to sweat to taste the glory.


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