Finance and Financial Reporting CT2

Exam tips CT2

The Finance and Financial Reporting subject provides a basic knowledge of corporate finance including inside of the instruments used by companies to raise finance and manage financial risk and to provide the ability to interpret the accounts and financial statements of companies and financial institutions.

CT2 is one of the nine Core Technical (CT) subjects. The exams will be based on the study material as supported by the core reading.  The ActEd course material will be the main source of tuition as it expands on the core reading. The recommended study time for this exam is between 125 and 150 hours depending on your past educational background in the subject.

Question paper will have 10 MCQs of 2 marks each. The questions are logical which could be solved if you are conceptually sound. Take advice ..!! Don’t just mug up, try to understand the concept.
Further 2 long question will be of 15-20 marks each. These questions might be from “construction accounts “or “ratios of capital project appraisal.”
Remaining part of paper will be medium size question comprising of small sums or theory.– Students get enough time to complete the question paper. Still it is advised to solve full length questions first and then go for short question.
Most important chapters –

Section 1 full (Theory),

chapter 9 & 10(Sums),

chapter 12(Sums),

Section 4 full (Theory as well as sums).

These areas should be covered as these are most important but other ares too be covered to be get more confident in exam . Exam paper have MCQ which can be from any chapter.
Thoroughly Solve Question Bank problems and X-series . Don’t forget the past exam papers (minimum past 5 years paper). Don’t just go through, think and solve them. Try to understand the logic behind the problem. Due to lack of practice you may find difficulty in solving the questions.

P.S. – Before you write your exam, make it clear in your mind that you can’t simply pass the exam by doing only book work, your concepts should be pretty clear. Be precise in what you write. Don’t write too long for questions that carry less marks or don’t write too less for questions that carry good marks. Write in legitimate hand writing. Please remember 1 marks = 1.8 minutes of exam time. Maintain your speed.

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