Probability and mathematics statics CT3

Exam tips The Probability and Mathematical Statistics subject provide a grounding in the aspects of statistics and in particular statistical modelling that are of relevance to actuarial work .CT3 is one of the nine CT subjects. The exams will be based on the study material as supported by the core reading.  The ActEd course material […]

Finance and Financial Reporting CT2

Exam tips CT2 The Finance and Financial Reporting subject provides a basic knowledge of corporate finance including inside of the instruments used by companies to raise finance and manage financial risk and to provide the ability to interpret the accounts and financial statements of companies and financial institutions. CT2 is one of the nine Core […]

Financial mathematics CT1tips

CT1 Exam Tips – Don’t Omit any part but give more stress on those chapter which constitute major part of 100 marks exam. At least one big question is expected from chapter 9,10,12,14 and 15. – Theory and small question (2-4 marks) may add up to 20 marks. – Thoroughly Solve Question Bank and X […]

Online tutor actuarial classes

Online tutor- Hi all!! We are here to give u all actuarial classes at ur computer. Now you no need to go out and spend precious time in transportation and waiting to start the class. We have taken for you the online tutor which will teach you as you are being teach as individual. No […]